Audio/Video Recording:

B&B now offers high quality audio and video recordings.  Examples are available online.  All recordings must be approved 24 hours prior to your event.  B&B does not allow simple “board recordings” – we pride ourselves in quality mixes, and we prefer to do things the right way.

Audio recording prices include digital mixing and mastering.  One remix is provided free of charge.  Additional remixes are available for $40 per remix, per song.

Prices per song for audio recording:

1 song – $100

2-4 songs – $90

5-9 songs – $85

10+ songs – $80

Video production has many variables.  Please contact us for a quote.


– Ampeg SVT 410 HLF bass cabinet (cabinet only)

– DW collectors series drum kit in “champagne broken glass” finish

22×18 kick – maple VLX shell (internally mic’d)

16×14 floor tom w/ legs – maple VLX

14×14 floor tom w/ legs – maple X

12×8 rack tom – maple VLT

10×7 rack tom – maple VLT

– All hardware is DW 9000 series:

three (3) straight cymbals stands

one (1) boom cymbal stand

one (1) two leg hi hat stand

snare stand

drum throne



Our PA system is constantly improving.  This list is subject to change.

2 JBL JRX125 mains

2 JBL Control 29-AV delay mains

2 Bose 161 bar fill speakers

2 Electro-Voice ELX-118 subs

2 Electro-Voice ZLX-12P stage monitors

1 Modified Behringer B512DSP stage monitor

various Crown and QSC amps

Allen & Heath QU-16 digital mixer

dmx lighting controller

1 HD video projector

100” motorized projection screen

4 Shure Beta 57a mics

3 Shure SM-57s

various Shure SM 58s and similar

1 Shure Beta 91a kick drum mic

4 EV PL35 tom mics

6 DI’s, various makes




Please contact Greg Altman at with any further questions.  Thanks in advance and have a great show.