Midwestern Exposure, June Star

Midwestern Exposure

June Star

Cliff Westfall, Graham Norwood

Fri 9/29

7:30 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

Midwestern Exposure
The story of Midwestern Exposure begins way back in a time long forgotten by most. It's a epic tale of adventure, romance and erotica; filled with ups, downs and in-betweens.... but I'm getting tired of writing so I'll just cut to the chase. Cam plays some stuff, Jeff plays some other stuff and Forrest plays yet more stuff. When their powers combined they are.... Captain Planet or something even cooler like when the Power Rangers combined all their sweet robot things into one enormous even cooler robot with a awesome sword.
June Star
June Star, formed in 1998 by Andrew Grimm, is an Americana, roots-rock band. Literate and accessible, Grimm's songs meditate on subjects from falling in or out of love, being all right no matter what, to playing in the local music scene. These are stories that need to be told, need to be heard. The voice in these songs speaks loneliness and redemption, jump starts and slow fades, both separation and discovery. However, sonic epiphanies travel only as far as the music will allow. Singing electric guitars and slippery pedal steel frame the lyrics with vibrancy as Grimm's distinctive nasal baritone allows the lyrics to unfold, a thinking man's country music.

To date, June Star has seven releases to its catalog. June Star (1998), Songs From and Engineer's Daughter (2000), Telegraph (2001), Sugarbird (2004), Cora Belle (2008), and Shift, Engage, and Initiate (2009). 2010 Marked a shift with the band recording Lower Your Arms with producer Jason Rubal. The effect was clear, tight sounding album. In 2011 the band went back into studio, this time, self engineering, producing, and mixing the 12 songs on Slow Dance. With each release the band mines deeper sounds, combining old Appalachian melodies and electric energies bringing an updated rock and roll sound to the surface in each performance.

The personnel of the band seems to turn around to the extent that the audience is never sure who will show up to play, including the band. At any given moment, June Star could be: Andrew Grimm (songs, vocals, guitars), Timothy Bracken (bass, vocals), Mike Ward (keyboards), Dave Hadley (pedal steel), and most recently, Mark Tuminello (Bass)
Venue Information:
Bourbon and Branch
705 North 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19123

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