Matthew Rineer, Ethan Pierce, Kyle Rotunno

Matthew Rineer

Ethan Pierce

Kyle Rotunno

Sun 2/18

7:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

Matthew Rineer
Matthew Rineer
"I moved 6 different times throughout my twenties. There were some major life changes that took place within that time span – I got married, made my first record, found and lost multiple jobs, bought a home, said hello and goodbye to some of my best friends, and then made this record. This project is named after one of my favorite poems, "the sycamore," by writer and poet Wendell Berry. His work probably means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but to me it describes a tree with the ability to bounce back and grow stronger through changes and hardships – the good times and the bad. Its scars are visible – you can see what it's had to weather – but they're also healed and have become a part of the tree. I suppose when I reflect on the life I've lived thus far, that's sort of how I see it and myself. What's funny, though, is that I wouldn't change those circumstances for anything. They've all contributed to who I am and where I am today. These four songs were written around that theme."
Venue Information:
Bourbon and Branch
705 North 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19123

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