Nicky P, Archawah, Josh Miller

Nicky P


Josh Miller

Sat 3/31

8:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

Nicky P
Nicky P is a singer/song-writer from Philadelphia, PA. Nicholas D. Piccari regularly performs in the city at venues such as Milkboy, North Star Bar & Legendary Dobbs, and was the artist of the month at World Café Live in 2012. He's opened for acts like Pete Francis from Dispatch.

Nicky P shows can have the air of a birthday party. You don't know everybody there, but you like who you meet 'cause they too have the good taste to celebrate the same thing you do, and what you're celebrating is Fun - the simple pleasures in life you forgot you were missing.

Upbeat and personal, Nicky's sincere stylings always deliver in setting a positive tone to the night, a karmic appetizer for the entree of life.

Listen in. Join the party and feast.
Embarking on a new solo project Bucks County, PA based singer-songwriter Chris Archibald is creating music under the new moniker Archawah, his first endeavor as a solo artist. For Archibald a solo career will be a slight departure from his current stint with the indie-rock eclectics Illinois where he first published his works and has showcased his skills in creating genre rich music from indie-folk-rock to suburban soul for more than a decade. This genre spanning diverseness remains with Archibald for he has an assorted musical palette steeped in indie-rock but he can skillfully take on a wide array of genres with confidence and purpose. Wanting to show the world what it sounds like when Chris Archibald goes it alone Archawah is more than prepared for the opportunity.
Josh Miller
Josh Miller
"... The talents of the Mayfair native as a songwriter, singer and guitar player surpass his age. By decades. The audience silently focuses as Miller soulfully works his vocal chords and fingers."
— Chris Malo, Jump Magazine
Venue Information:
Bourbon and Branch
705 North 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19123

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