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Ross Bellenoit, Sleepmonster

Thu 7/12

8:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

Ross Bellenoit
Ross Bellenoit



PHILADELPHIA, PA (November 30th, 2015) — Ross

Bellenoit announces the release of Invisible Voice — last in a series

of three full length albums released this year — a set of chamber­folk

compositions that rely heavily on their acoustic roots and poetically

introspective lyrics. The Dec. 5th release will be celebrated at Bourbon

& Branch with a performance by Bellenoit and his band, supported by

Wild Orphan and a special duo set of Kalob Griffin and Alison

Wadsworth, beginning at 8 p.m.

Invisible Voice comprises eleven songs that were produced and

engineered by Jeff Hiatt at Turtle Studios. This marks the first time

Bellenoit has sought another producer to take the reigns and sculpt a

sonic vision for his songs. The record opens up with a lush folk sound

and details the ways in which the narrator has made so many wrong

moves, and that in the end “love’s a terrifying force that’s always

standing in your way”. The Jeff Lynne­Tom Petty era influences the

mid­tempo pop chestnut “I’m Already Saying Goodbye” with the

revelation that “it’s not the time or the season for any reason at all”. In

the Dylan inspired “Bad Year”, Bellenoit, amidst all his obvious

accomplishments, is quick to apologize for his dark frame of mind: “...if i

seem angry or sound insincere, it’s just me trying to cope through

another bad year”. Harmoniums, bass clarinets, recorders, strings, and

more all help shape the sound of this gorgeous listen.

2015 has been a landmark year for Bellenoit. He released The

Wreckage (the most thrilling power­pop break­up record you’ve yet to

hear) in May and Driving North (Bellenoit’s 1st ever instrumental jazz

record) in October, along with Holding Bodies, the full length debut of

his side project Arc Divers. After completing his first international solo

tour in September, he seems hell bent on continuing his non­stop

creativity streak for 2016. Noteworthy plans that are in the works for

next year are: a covers record (with a twist), an EP from his new

bizarro/funk/dance trio called Muscle Tough, and a tribute show to


commemorate the 30th anniversary of Elvis Costello’s records King of

America and Blood & Chocolate, with many Philadelphia music legends

lending their voices. Having spent 12 years in Philadelphia offering his

guitar talents to the likes of Amos Lee, Birdie Busch and Madalean

Gauze, and building his production career with the likes of Ginger

Coyle, Aaron Parnell Brown and John Mallinen, and appearing to be

unendingly busy collaborating with other musicians, it is Bellenoit’s solo

work that most completely showcases his musical abilities.

Ross Bellenoit is actively performing and has been promoting all three

records throughout 2015.

Invisible Voice (Preview):­voice­preview


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Venue Information:
Bourbon and Branch
705 North 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19123

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