Thick Red Wine & Special Guests

Thick Red Wine & Special Guests

Fri 11/9

8:00 pm


Thick Red Wine
Philadelphia artist Mike Wojciechowski's (Whoa-juhh-house-key) winding and eccentric narratives draw inspiration from 5th grade recess fights, middle school dance erections, college house party disasters, philosophers and boxed wine, among other things.

Wojciechowski's sophomore release under the Thick Red Wine moniker is the forthcoming Homesick EP. It was recorded in Philadelphia before moving the project to San Francisco. It's a raw full-band indie rock record that extols the gritty survival instinct of a jaded but determined generation.

Always a staunch supporter of accepting people for who they are, celebrating difference, and supporting our society's underrepresented and marginalized voices, Wojciechowski has performed for old and new friends across the country at traditional venues as well as campfires, secret beaches, and countless house venues.

Regardless of the venue, Thick Red Wine thrives on a goosebump inducing intimacy between audience and performer that's nearly impossible to replicate on a recording.
Venue Information:
Bourbon and Branch
705 North 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19123

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