Taylor Kelly, Bartees Strange, Sophie Coran

Taylor Kelly

Bartees Strange

Sophie Coran

Fri 4/12

8:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

Taylor Kelly
Taylor Kelly (Rochester, NY) is a voice that blends jazz, soul and funk. Her songwriting tells tales of truth in hopes to inspire many to love, live and forgive. Taylor recenty graduated from Berklee College of Music with a bachelor's degree in Professional Music and is currently living in Boston, MA. Also a trumpet player, she strives for an instrumental-vocal approach, a rhythmic phrasing and an improvisation that is reminiscent of many of her trumpet playing influences (Chet Baker, Roy Hargrove and Miles Davis to name a few). Her biggest musical influences are Erykah Badu and Stevie Wonder as they possess what she believes to be the true essence of music and have something that never ceases to make her smile from ear to ear. Take the time to listen and support the music of a truthful and passionate young optimist. Open your mind and ears and enjoy.
Venue Information:
Bourbon and Branch
705 North 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19123

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