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Upon first listen, Honey Radar sounds like a 78 rpm single pulled from a dusty record bin. The fidelity is startling, but as your ears grow accustomed to cassette-hiss and radio interruptions, musicality emerges and nostalgia sets in. Honey Radar reinvigorates the spirit of sixties lo-fi. With fifteen releases under their belt, the band’s dedication goes without question. Prolific, full of character, and catchy – Honey Radar makes the bizarre approachable.

Among an endless string of eccentric releases, Honey Radar approaches their latest release “The Rabbit’s Voice” with a baroque pop twist. This 7 track EP stops after only seven minutes, leaving no room for filler. The recording bears a sound only tape can achieve. Each instrument is presented with an aggressive dose of saturation. Casual vocals are energized by brazen guitars. In Stand-out track “Per Schooner Agro”, a sunny pop groove meanders through layers of distortion and noise. Overall, the EP recalls pop tendencies of The Zombies while stylistically on par with the Allah-Las and early Black Keys.

For “The Rabbit’s Voice”, Honey Radar eschewed traditional vinyl production methods in favor of something more genuine – lathe cutting. Vinyl records are typically produced by squishing a hot ball of wax between two master plates (kind of like a big waffle iron). This is why a record release is called a “pressing”.  It’s a consistent process that yields high quality results, and it’s great for mass production. Lathe cutting, however, is better for small vinyl releases. A vibrating stylus cuts a groove directly into the vinyl. This process happens in real time – a 7 minute record takes 7 minutes to cut.  While time consuming, lathe cutting is cheaper because there’s no need for expensive master plates. Honey Radar took advantage of lathe cutting to enhance their lo-fi aesthetic, while simultaneously creating demand through scarcity. Since the first edition of “The Rabbit’s Voice” sold out immediately, What’s Your Rupture Records has picked up the EP for widespread release.

Honey Radar returns to B&B tonight, along with Roof Doctor and Crown Larks. Doors open at 8pm.