Snacks and Shares


Root Vegetable Chips  5 (Vegan)
sea salt, mojo


House Pickled Vegetables 6
tapenade, vegan ricotta, toast points
Fry’em for $2 (Beer Batter, chipotle ranch)


Cup O’ Chorizo Chili  5/7


Shrimp Corn Dogs 7
spicy ketchup


Curried Deviled Eggs 7 (Vegetarian)


Roasted Red Pepper Toast  6 (Vegan)
“The Kettle Black” bread, olive oil, micro herbs


Buffalo Chicken Nuggets  8
buffalo sauce, bleu cheese, green onion


Hush Puppies 6 (Vegetarian)
fresh corn, comeback sauce


Hand Cut Fries 5 (Vegan)
chipotle aioli


Nosh Board 15
pimento cheese, root chips, house pickles
tasso ham, seasonal cheese wedge


Potato Skins 10 (vegetarian)
herb roasted mushrooms, gruyere
sour cream, truffle oil, scallion


Smoked Portobellos 10 (vegan)
stewed tomatoes, sweet corn porridge


Country Cauliflower 9 (vegan)
country-fried, sawmill gravy, hot sauce


Mac & Cheese 7 (can be vegetarian)
bechamel, peas, tasso ham, 4 cheeses


Meatball A Lo Criollo 9
spaghetti, creole tomato sauce


Lamb Ribs 12
Cuban rub, guava BBQ, herb salad


Smoked Chicken Wings  11
BBQ, Cajun Spiced, Buffalo, Bourbon Glaze


Chicken and Biscuits 14
Buttermilk fried chicken breast, buttermilk biscuit, and country sausage gravy


Oxtail Fries 14
Oxtail gravy, onions, jalapeno, chimichurri, cilantro, feta


Branch Nachos  11
House made chips, chorizo and chickpea chili, pinto beans, pico de gallo,
cheddar, chihuahua cheese, pickled jalapeno, cilantro, sour cream

Smoked Chicken 3 / Bang Bang Chicken 3






Warm  10
fried brussel sprouts, kale, tasso ham, chorizo vinaigrette, chai pickled raisins


Chop 10
romaine, kale, peppers, red beans, corn masque choux, red onion,
chihuahua cheese, cilantro, smoky-chipotle buttermilk


Caesar 10
hush puppy croutons, freshly grated Parmesan


Salad Additions
Smoked Chicken 3 / Bang Bang Chicken 3 /
Chorizo and Chickpea Chili 3/ Cajun Shrimp 5




 The Branch’s Famous Fried Chicken  13
4 piece chicken, cheddar biscuit


Short Rib and Grits 18
pimento cheese grits, beef gravy, fried scallions


Chicken & Waffles  14
buttermilk chicken breast, honey butter, sweet corn waffle, bourbon – maple syrup


Southern Fish Fry 16
seasonal fish, remoulade sauce, corn masque choux,
hush puppies, Cajun hand cut fries


Stuffed Portobello 16 (Vegan)
vegan ricotta, spaghetti, mushroom cream, truffle




Sandwiches served with hand cut fries and pickles

Sub a side salad for $2


5oz Burger  7

Double burger  11

Your choice of cheese: American, Swiss, Cheddar

Additions $2: wild mushrooms •  bacon • egg • avocado


Nashville Honey-Hot Chicken   12
sriracha honey, pickle slaw, spicy pickles


Vegan Burger  12 (Vegan)
LTO, cauliflower and mushrooms, hot pickles, fried pickles, vegan ricotta


Tacos  8
(Gabacho or Soft)
pickle slaw, chimichurri, tortilla chips and salsa
choice of: bang bang chicken, blackened fish, spicy cauliflower
chorizo and chickpea, short rib sloppy joe


Short Rib Sloppy Joe 12
spicy pickles


Abuela’s Meatballs 12
beef, pork and chorizo, Parmesan cream, Texas toast




Strawberry Shortcake 7
strawberry-basil preserve, bourbon, fresh berries


Mexican Fudge 6
candied nuts


Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.