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It’s the dog days of summer. Crank your ACs high, and crank Cousin Brian even higher. These twee-punkers are another wholesome addition to the Philadelphia DIY scene. Formed in 2010, the band has conquered basements and houses alike. Imagine The Smiths on antidepressants, but with an aggressive twist a la Cloud Nothings. They embody the essence of college pop: twangy riffs, punchy drums, and DIY ethos. Cousin Brian wants nothing more than a good time.


Closer to Dog” marks Cousin Brian’s sophomore effort. Released via Bandcamp, the album is DIY front to back. It was self-recorded and self-mastered. Guitarist Elliot Bech illustrated the album art. The album exudes carefree summer optimism through honest, youthful energy. Dancing turns to moshing as upbeat melodies interchange with vigorous strumming. “Closer to Dog” is currently available online, but a vinyl release lies in the future.


Earlier this year, Cousin Brian also released an animated music video for “Disposer” off their debut LP “First”. The video is a homemade shape shifting animation sequence – humans wildly morph into animals and vice versa. Maintaining the DIY spirit, Bech animated and produced the video himself. He continues to explore various entrepreneurial adventures through his company Stupid Moon.


Dance your ass off with Cousin Brian, Bent Shapes, Piranha, and Sun Hat at Bourbon and Branch on August 22nd, 2015. Doors are at 8 PM, bands start at 9 PM.